About Us

BurglarFit is a manufacturer of burglar proofing that was specifically designed for the South African market, and is suitable for home and office security. The advantages of this particular patented design is that it is ultra strong, fully adjustable to fit any window, can quickly be installed in an emergency, and is still more affordable than other conventional burglar proofing.

BurglarFit burglar proof bars offer superior strength with 20mm square tubing and 12mm round bar, with adjustable brackets and snap-off security bolts. The powder coating pre-treatment offers resistance to corrosion and increases the lifespan of the burglar bars. There is no need to re-paint it, just select a powder coating colour that best suits your window frames, curtains and blinds.

BurglarFit specialises in quick and neat one day burglar proof installations done by their expert team, as well as emergency installations done immediately after a burglary, to ensure safety and peace of mind for you and your family. No measurements required, the burglar bars are cut to size on site.

You can Do It Yourself or opt for Installation

BurglarFit is a supplier of DIY burglar proofing that is designed and packed for easy transportation and installation.

No cutting, welding or painting is needed, and it is fitted on the inside of a window, with adjustable brackets and snap-off security bolts according to your window sizes.

A DIY application will save you a substantial amount of money on installation costs, and is the cheapest option to secure your home, and protect you against unwanted intruders.