• Stronger than conventional burglar proofing

  • Quick, 1 Day Burglar Proofing Installations

  • Extremely strong burglarproofing with NO welds to snap off


BurglarFit specializes in one day installations, done quick and neat, with no hidden installation costs.

BurglarFit is a South African company that was established to provide superior quality, affordable burglar proofing to the South African market.

The distinct features of this decent product is that it is stronger than conventional burglar proofing, is powder coated to suit any home decor, and is fitted quick and easy, on the inside of a window, making it more difficult to tamper with.

BurglarFit supplies burglar proofing that is designed to always fit inside windows, with security bolts according to your window sizes. It is available in strong, 20mm square tubing and 12mm round bar, with adjustable brackets and snap-off security bolts.

BurglarFit burglar proofing is a patented concept, where no welding and no re-painting is required, and it can either be installed by an experienced BurglarFit team, or the DIY method.


Emergency Burglarproofing

BurglarFit offers a unique Emergency Installation Service where burglar proofing is installed immediately after a burglary, to ensure safety and peace of mind for you and your family. No measurements are required; the product is cut to size on site.

It is essential to secure your home with stronger than average burglar proofing supplied by BurglarFit, to keep your family and home safe, without compromising on the appearance of your property.

These burglar bars are visual deterrents to thieves and home invaders, and provide peace of mind to residents when at home or away from home.